Here at Black Floral Tattoo and Beauty, we’d like to share what we do with you!

We provide: 
- 100% online consultations
- Fully bespoke, custom artwork for every client
- Artists with over a decades experience in the tattoo industry and even longer in other creative industries. 
- A digital booking fee form, tattoo consent form and after care instructions, emailed straight to you, for your records.
- A clean, bright, unique studio with a calm atmosphere and one on one tattoo sessions where you can unwind and relax. 
- 1 FREE Easy Tattoo after care cream sachet per tattoo! (£1 per extra sachet)

If you’re thinking of booking a tattoo, or just have an enquiry for us, we’ve made it as simple as possible for you to contact us via the book in page.

For tattoo enquiries please follow our super simple 3 step process!

Book a tattoo in 1...2...3...

1) Send us a message via the form below. Please include details such as design idea, placement ideas, black and grey or colour, style and any other information you think is relevant. If you’ve seen a design that you want from this website please send the reference number or a description (This information will give us a pretty clear idea of what it is you want, then we can start an online consultation).

2) We will message you back as soon as we can (This can sometimes take a few days so please be patient). We will ask you a few questions to delve a little deeper into the tattoo that you want. The online consultation will give you a better idea of any possibilities, changes, improvements and cover up options (if that’s what you’re looking for).

3) We will email a Booking Fee Form to you. If you’re happy to proceed, simply complete and return the form, by clicking “I have completed this form”. This will email a copy of the form to both us and yourself. Once we have received the booking fee, we will arrange a date and time for your tattoo appointment.


Q | Will I get to see my design before my appointment?
A | No, our artists will prepare your design for the appointment, you will not see the design before the appointment. The online consultation is very thorough and we will identify all of the key points, making sure that we have a firm idea of the design that you’d like, before we start the design process. In rare circumstances, there may be an exchange of preliminary sketches showing placement, proportions and concepts. This ensures protection of the copyright of our artists and studio.

For a full list of FAQs, head over to the FAQ page 


*To help us operate more smoothly and ensure you have plenty of time to read through all of the information, once the booking fee is received, we will send you a Tattoo Consent Form and an After Care Information sheet. Please read these carefully and sign and confirm the Tattoo Consent form before your appointment.

*Please make sure you have enough time for the full length of the tattoo appointment and also 1 hour before and after. There’s always a possibility that’s you may feel faint, stencils may need to be applied more than once etc and it’s good to have plenty of time to relax and make the experience as calm and relaxed as possible.

*For full details of the booking fee, please see the booking fee page. (Full terms and conditions will also be sent to you upon requesting an appointment)


We look forward to hearing from you soon! 💜

Alex Craig