We are constantly being updated on the current covid-19 situation. We are currently implementing any latest government guidelines as well as maintaining existing hygiene practices. More may be added, so please check before coming to your appointment...

- We are no longer asking you to scan the QR code for the NHS track and trace app when you enter the premises. 

- All consultations will be online via email. You can message through the website via the Book In page or email

- A mask must be worn at all times on the premises (staff will be wearing a mask).

- All tattoos will be done by appointment only and you must come to your appointment alone. The door will be locked throughout the day to stop any walk ins.

- If you have ANY of the symptoms of COVID-19, or are feeling unwell at all, please contact us ASAP to rebook your appointment. Your deposit will be transferred to a new date, which you can book once your symptoms have gone, or have waited for the 10 day isolation period to be over. 

- Hand sanitiser will be available to use at the door and we ask that you use this immediately upon entering the premises. We also ask that you wash your hands regularly in the sink provided.

- All surfaces (including furniture, door handles and light switches) will be disinfected thoroughly after each client’s appointment, to minimise risk of infection.


Q | How do I book a tattoo?
A | To book a tattoo please click the link below and fill in the enquiry form 

Q | What age can I get a tattoo? 
A | 18 years old in the UK

Q | Can I get a tattoo before I’m 18 with parental consent?
A | No, it’s illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in the UK.

Q | Do we do piercings?
A | No, we don’t have any plans to start piercing.

Q | Will my tattoo hurt?
A | Short answer - Yes. The levels of pain experienced during a tattoo vary greatly from person to person. Each area, every tattooist and even each tattoo style will feel different. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster!

Q | Do you sell numbing cream?
A | No. unfortunately we are not licensed to sell numbing cream and prefer you don’t use it as it can affect the skin and the ability to tattoo it. It’s also not always that effective.

Q | How long will my tattoo take?
A | It depends. As the old saying goes, “how long is a piece of string?”. The process of tattooing is an artistic one and as such the time spent on a piece varies from artist to artist . Every style is different, the skin can be different in each area of the body and countless other factors. We will always give time estimates for larger pieces, rather than an accurate time frame. 

Q | How long do tattoos take to heal?
A | It’s a bit of a multi level answer. The first few days and the initial washing and cream application to the fresh tattoo are the most important in ensuring a great heal. After several days it will peel like a sun burn. After the skin is sealed the risk of infection is fairly low, so regular moisturising is needed to repair the skin. We provide full after care instructions when you book in, and a FREE sachet of Easy Tattoo after care cream after every tattoo session!

Q | How do I care for my new tattoo?
A | We have compiled a thorough after care instruction sheet for you to read and follow. Just check out our after care page for a full list of Do’s and Dont’s.